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About Us

About Us


Balzac® has brought fun and excitement to millions of people throughout the world with its novel intriguing products. Having been featured at some of the leading venues throughout the world including DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, FAO Schwartz, Toys R Us, Hamley’s, as well as featured in premiums from many companies including  Microsoft, Nippon Airlines, Toys R Us, Calgon, Burger King (Australia); people who are young or young at heart love our products.

Originally introduced by Mary Rodas, the
"Teenage Toy Tycoon."

Balzac® and its products have been featured on hundreds of TV shows, newspapers and magazines including Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, the Today Show, The New York Times and Time Magazine etc. Mary was inducted into the Hispanic-American Hall of Fame as well as becoming the subject of the Scholastic Mentor Series and her own book.